I'm Zsuzsanna. Software Developer.


AI-based chatbot (Python, spaCy, Flask)

AI-based Chatbot Project

Rental History with CRUD functionality (C#, .NET, MVC)

C# and .NET Project

Sentiment Analysis (Python, Pandas, Natural Language Toolkit, Flask)

Sentiment Analysis Project

Rule-based chatbot (Python, Flask)

Rule-based Chatbot Project

Banking project (Python, Django)

Banking Project

Herbs with CRUD functionality (Python, Django)

Django Project

About Me

Hi, I'm Zsuzsanna, a junior full stack developer with a robust educational foundation and hands-on experience in a variety of cutting-edge technologies. I am a graduate of The Tech Academy’s Software Developer Boot Camp and have further specialized in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning through their additional course.

My Technical Skills

My Strengths

With a comprehensive background in full stack development, I excel at building complete, scalable, and efficient web applications. I am proficient in developing dynamic user interfaces that ensure a seamless user experience, and in managing robust back-end systems. My training in AI and machine learning enables me to incorporate intelligent features into applications, enhancing functionality and user engagement.

Why Work With Me?

Other Interests

I am a dedicated volunteer yoga teacher at Bybee Lakes Hope Center. As a yoga teacher, I am committed to helping students deepen their relationship with their body. I also express my creativity as a chocolatier, focusing on ethical sourcing and sustainability, and as a video producer, telling stories through film. In my free time, I love caring for my plants and playing with my two small children.

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